We’re here to support you in your efforts to dress, prop and outfit your production’s sets and actors in the most realistic and visually interesting way possible. While you’re at it, why not feature the types of brands you seek out when you’re shopping on your own time? Local, green, sustainable, organic, socially enterprising- we’re working on carrying them all.

Our aim is to allow you to spend less time on the phone looking for that perfect product to feature in your feature- when you’re supposed to be Alabama, but you’re really shooting in Toronto!

Because so much of our combined experience has been on the implementation side of Product Placement, we are completely familiar with the process of breaking down sets and scenes into components and “product shopping lists”. We’re aware that sometimes collateral items and packaging are just as useful as actual products. We’ll work with you to provide you with appropriate, geographically correct products, packaging and collateral marketing materials that will enhance the look of your sets and production.

Your actresses and actors will look fabulous wearing our eco-friendly fashion and accessories. Most of them are also vegan as well.

To cut down on carbon emissions, we work with the manufacturers to get the product directly to you without double shipping. Many product placement fulfillment houses warehouse some product which means that these products have been shipped twice- once from the manufacturer and then again from the product placement house. For most product, this step is unnecessary,  burns additional fossil fuels,  and consumes additional packing materials and resources. We’ll facilitate the process to make sure you get your product in plenty of time without wasting additional natural resources.

We’ve placed in shows on major networks in both the US and Canada, including Amazon, HuluHBO, CBS, FOX, The CWTNT, NBC, CBS, Showcase and Netflix.  We’ve also worked with major movie studios such as 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Universal, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and many others. Let us work with you to provide great “good” products, clothing and accessories,  and collateral (signage, POP displays, etc.) for your production!

For your production planning, please do check out our

Downloadable Brand Client List

Note: Typically we minimally require 10 business days from request for product, to drop dead delivery date, to process requests.

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