Company Statement

Product Placement and brand integration is an inevitable part of the media, event and display landscape these days, and it’s a marketing segment that just keeps growing. Watch any show, or see any film and you’ll notice and identify products from beverages to sunglasses to snack foods to detergent.  Most agencies and product placement houses promote whomever is willing to pay the most money to be placed regardless of the ethos of the company.

Green Product Placement is committed to using the marketing platform of media product placement to promote products with a green, ethical, social enterprising and local entrepreneurial agenda.

We’re committed to running our business in such a way as to promote the least waste in the use of fossil fuels and resources, as we possibly can, in the course of doing business. This includes carbon neutral web hosting for our site, a virtually paperless office, and minimal travel, using teleconferencing and other emission neutral technologies as SOP.

We’re committed to donating a portion of our profits to worthy causes in line with our philosophy of running a green, socially and locally aware business by donating  and working with related sustainable production not-for-profits and other charities that promote green and/or socially entrepreneurial causes.

We’re committed to turning the industry’s system of marketing, brand integration and advertising into a platform for promoting businesses that have more than just business on their minds, while helping productions- from webisodes to indies, from art films to blockbusters, achieve their best possible look and meet their product placement needs through our service.


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