About Us

Beth Bell, Founder and President: Beth had a “light bulb moment” following a live chat on the inspirational “TED” website with documentarian Morgan Spurlock. After spending many years in the Set Dressing and Decorating departments on such feature films as Game Change,  The Replacements, Runaway Bride, Twelve Monkeys, Washington Square, Pecker, Contact and For Richer or Poorer, Beth was very familiar with the use of product placement to dress and prop feature films. But how great would it be to use that opportunity to help promote businesses with a Green, Social Enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial agenda?

Beth was inspired with the prospect of being able to use this very powerful and engaging marketing platform to promote products in line with her own personal purchasing ethics and the ethics of a very large, and growing, group of savvy consumers whilst at the same time making it easier for film makers, production designers, set decorators and prop people to find geographically correct, socially conscious, and green products for use in their films.

Drawing from her experience in business management- as a Freelance Consultant and as managing director for GreenBox Films, along with her experience in the national and international experiential marketing realm as a manager for Becker Group (for such clients as Westfield Group, Macerich, Emaar Properties, TLC, Radio Shack, Curtis Publishing and many others), Beth thought to combine the sum of her experience in film and television production, business management and experiential marketing to launch, along with her team, Green Product Placement.

Lisa Dietrich, Canadian and US VP of Marketing and Operations: With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from MICA, Lisa found herself falling into the film business close to 20 years ago.  With a love for design, visual communication, and the collaborative process, film fit perfectly.  After working in Baltimore for over 5 years, Lisa obtained status to live and work in Canada for 12 years.  She has since moved back to Baltimore.

Lisa has been working in film, television, and commercials designing and maintaining the sets and props for such Feature Films and Television as Liberty Heights, The Incredible Hulk, The Wire, Resident Evil: Afterlife and Total Recall.  Having always tried to use green and local businesses and socially responsible companies in her life outside of work, she jumped at the opportunity to use the medium she’s part of to help promote these types of companies.

The world of Product Placement and the challenge of not only sourcing these companies but trying to do this in a green and socially responsible way is not new to Lisa.  Aside from the obvious reasons for using these products, Lisa finds that the visual aspects of the products tend to be far more exciting in design and color.  When using these products you are not only helping the businesses but promoting the independent artists who are creating the overall look of the product and its packaging.  This helps to produce better looking and more visually stimulating sets whilst at the same time promoting a powerful brand presence for businesses with a green, local and socially enterprising agenda.


Ashley Gaither,  Marketing & Communications Intern: Ashley graduates Towson University in the Fall of 2016 with a B.S. in Art and Design and a minor in Electronic Media and Film. She comes to us with a 10 year background in photography. Ashley’s determination to make a positive impact in the film and television industry comes from her passion and empathy for others; from working with handicapped children, to her work with the elderly. She brings her enthusiasm for the production industry and for a better world to us here at Green Product Placement.


Jansen van Dok, UK Consultant: Jansen brings to Green Product Placement his extensive background as Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant along with his knowledge and experience in web marketing, SEO implementation, social media marketing, web development, project management and sales and sales management. He also has a background in photography, including cutting edge 360 digital panoramics, graphic design and print media. He is director of Greenworthy, LTD, a specialist digital marketing company.

He’s worked on numerous projects for both public and private sector organizations and sold services to some of the largest companies in the world. Recently, he’s worked with companies such as Raynor Foods, L & Q Housing Association, Dome Mode, Integer Microsystems and Design Museum in London.

Jansen’s vast sales and marketing background, his personable manner, along with his desire to promote local, sustainable and socially enterprising businesses makes him a natural partner to be part our UK division. With product placement a very recently growing and emerging sector of brand integration in the UK, Jansen contributes to our team as a very valued player.




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