Welcome to Green Product Placement

Media product placement company for green, local and socially enterprising products

With our background in film and television production and experiential, traditional and new marketing, we offer media product placement for products with an ethical agenda. We take a holistic view of marketing your brand by promoting its exposure and raising its profile with the consumer.

We work with companies to intergrate their brands seamlessly in film, television and online media. We work with productions to provide them with products that support the changing consumer landscape towards green, socially enterprising and local products.

Our Philosophy

Today’s media and information saturated environment means that people derive a large part of their social and behavioral cues from media images. Because of this, it’s important for these images to convey a message that promotes sustainable lifestyles. Product Placement is not new. What is new is using this platform to promote brands that lead the trend in aware consumerism.

Think of us as your resource for all products green (ie. organic and/or biodegradable), sustainable, socially enterprising (as in companies that "give back" as a part of their business plan), and local (we support the local entrepreneur who is passionate about their product!). We promote your brand because we believe in your brand!